Since 1998, A Gift For Teaching has been committed to its vision of every student having the tools and experiences they need to succeed.

Last school year was one for the history books — from the difficult decisions of returning to face-to-face learning or continuing distance learning to the unimaginable financial hardships thousands of families in our community faced due to the impact of the COVID pandemic.



Whether learning at home or in the classroom, to safely continue providing crucial supplies to teachers for their students who needed them most, A Gift For Teaching transformed its traditional retail space into a temporary warehouse to pack and distribute online teacher supply orders for convenient curbside pick-up.

This work could have only been possible with the generous investment of supporters and companies dedicated to education like you.

Thank you.

Please view your 2020-2021 school year impact report to see the difference our community has made together during a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty.

For the 2021-2022 school year, A Gift For Teaching has safely reopened its doors for in-person teacher shopping, along with curbside pick-up, for the entire school year to provide free educational resources that empower teachers to inspire future leaders.

To help ensure local students have the supplies they need to succeed throughout the school year, consider becoming a member Classroom Hero today.