[Orlando, FL] May 11, 2022 – For nearly 25 years, A Gift for Teaching has welcomed eligible public school teachers to shop free supplies for their classrooms and students. Distributing more than $150 million worth of educational materials is an emotional milestone – highlighting not only the persistent need, but also the continued outpour of generosity in our community.

“This is a major accomplishment, and there are so many people that have played an important role for this to come to fruition. The impact of every single donation received can be seen in two generations of students that have graduated since our Free Teacher Supply Store opened in 1998.” – Jane Thompson, president of A Gift for Teaching

More than 70% of public schools in Orange and Osceola counties are considered high-need schools. Access to essential school supplies deeply impacts a student’s participation in their education, their interest in learning, and their self-esteem. Every year, teachers spend a portion of their personal salary to purchase supplies to create a more equal learning environment as well as deepen the variety and scope of their lesson plans – so learning can occur for all.

With a vision of every student having the tools and experiences to succeed, A Gift for Teaching’s mission is to provide free educational resources that empower teachers to inspire future leaders. Since opening its doors, A Gift For Teaching has welcomed more than 350,000 teacher shoppers, saving local educators an average of $600 in supplies each visit. Eligible teachers have the opportunity to shop at a store, online, and on a mobile unit for free learning materials that are donated through the generosity of the community.

“It is the difference between success and failure. Students come to school with nothing, and leave with supplies, access, and knowledge.” – Orange County public school teacher

Each day, more than $75,000 worth of supplies are directly distributed to teachers for their students who need them most. These milestone feats would not be possible without the continued charitable support from community partners and dedicated individual champions of education. Every supply drive, fundraiser, as well as time and talent donated from volunteers has helped keep the shelves at A Gift for Teaching stocked to support student success all year round. When we invest in our teachers, we invest in our future.

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Denise Naranjo, Director of Marketing