A Gift For Teaching is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and fully committed to fiscal responsibility and transparency. We believe in being a good steward of all the resources entrusted to us.

In fact, 95% of all contributions to our organization directly support programs. In addition, we’ve consistently earned high grades for accountability and transparency from a number of organizations.

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990s And Financial Statements

Fiscal Year 2020-2021
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Fiscal Year 2019-2020
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Fiscal Year 2018-2019
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Our Policies

A Gift For Teaching commits to our values.

Integrity | Respect | Trust | Appreciation | Compassion

Trust and transparency are the keys to a strong, collaborative relationship that drives success in Central Florida. We are committed to the importance of donor and supporter privacy, data security, and confidentiality.

We will never sell or trade any personal information with any other entity; you will only receive communications from us related to A Gift For Teaching’s mission. Whenever a donation is processed by a third-party service provider, our donors’ financial information will only be used to the extent necessary to process the donation. This goes for all donations.

We often like to publicly acknowledge and thank those who invest in education, and at times receive requests by an honoree or immediate family of memorial gifts for a list of donors. If you do not wish to be acknowledged in this way, you are always welcome to remain anonymous by marking your gift as “anonymous or by emailing

We advocate for The Donor Bill of Rights, created by The Association of Fundraising Professionals. Learn more about your rights as a donor here.

Statement of Purpose

A Gift For Teaching’s primary objective is to provide a reasonable and competitive executive compensation opportunity consistent with market-based compensation practices for individuals possessing the experience and skills needed to improve the overall performance of the organization. As such, this policy is designed to provide an overview of the procedures utilized on behalf of A Gift For Teaching in order to review executive compensation. 

General Overview

The executive committee and ultimately the board of directors are responsible for establishing and maintaining a competitive compensation package for the chief executive of the organization. 

To review fair market value, the board of directors should rely upon appropriate data as to comparability.  Such data shall include comprehensive market surveys as well as comparable salaries from similar nonprofit organizations in our area to benchmark pay. (EG: EBI Bi-Annual Compensation Survey)

After approval, the chairman of the board shall meet with the chief executive to discuss and document the goals and agreed upon compensation for the upcoming year. 

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