Our Impact

“When my children have books, they are inspired to become readers. When my students have pencils, they are inspired to become writers. When they have fun incentive items, they are motivated to engage in learning. And when I have the privilege of shopping at A Gift For Teaching, I can meet my responsibility of being the best educator I can be.”
– Orange County public school teacher

Teachers know firsthand how the lack of supplies can impact students’ achievement, self-esteem, and interest in learning.

A Gift For Teaching believes in providing students with the supplies they need to be successful in the school. We care for teachers and students so that learning can occur for all.

Access to supplies impacts:

  • AchievementEnabling students to successfully participate in their assignments and education at school and at home.
  • Self-EsteemStrengthening student behaviors and social engagement.
  • Interest in LearningIncreasing class attendance and individual responsibility.

2020-2021 School Year Impact

With the world continuing to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020-2021 school year brought new challenges for teachers and their students in need. A Gift For Teaching continued to innovate to fill the supply gaps and ensure they had the essential learning tools to continue teaching and learning.

Worth of materials delivered in bulk to schools
Worth of supply kits created for summer learning
Total worth of learning tools distributed

Student Need

During the most recent school year, teachers in the schools we serve reported what they experienced in their classrooms: 


of students arrived without all the necessary school supplies for class on the first day of school.


of students did not have adequate supplies at home to do their schoolwork.


of students ran out of supplies by 2nd semster, and their families were not able to buy replacements.

Teachers Share Why FREE Supplies Are Important


of teachers said that supplies allow kids to participate in daily activities and increase the variety/deepen the scope they can offer.


of teachers said that supplies create a more equal learning environment for all of their students.


of teachers said that free supplies help with their personal budget and allow them to focus on other areas of need.

A Gift For Teaching envisions a future where every Central Florida student has the tools and experiences to succeed.