Our Story

  • Students need supplies to learn.
  • Teachers need tools to teach.
  • Businesses want to support education.
  • The community needs to build future leaders.

A Gift for Teaching is the glue that connects it all, serving as Central Florida’s primary provider of free school supplies to teachers for their students who need them most.

Our Mission

To provide educational resources that empower teachers to inspire future leaders.

Our Vision

A future where every Central Florida student has the tools and experiences to succeed.


Our Guiding Principles

  • Education is the foundation to personal and community success.
  • Compassionate relationships make positive change possible.
  • Collaboration drives the transformation our community needs.
  • Innovation enables boundless possibilities.
  • Responsibility to our planet builds equity, trust, and capability for all.

Advantages of Supporting A Gift For Teaching

  • Help teachers feel supported and appreciated by their community.
  • Deliver $10 worth of educational resources for every $1 contributed to support local public schools.
  • Enrich public school students with artistic and musical experiences.
  • Link material excesses to the evolving needs of Central Florida’s students.
  • Energize everyone to make a positive difference in public education.

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