We had such a fun time celebrating World Teachers’ Day with our teachers this year!

Our team went all out setting up awesome giveaways, cool prizes, and delicious treats as a small token of appreciation for their hard work and commitment to their students. Every teacher who shopped at the Free Teacher Supply Store on this special day received a Harry Potter tote bag to personally keep as well as 25 quill pens for their studious pupils. On top of that, each teacher had a chance to win one of 27 fun mystery box of supplies to take back to their classrooms!

On this remarkable day, more than 85 teachers took the time after school hours to shop in-store leading to $47,500+ worth of educational resources distributed to further inspire our community’s future leaders. This is the reason why A Gift for teaching believes teachers are the guiding lights who ignite curiosity, inspire dreams, and impart knowledge with unwavering dedication.

While World Teachers’ Day only comes once a year, you can celebrate and honor our educators every month for the invaluable role they play in our world. Be a Classroom Hero and join a dedicated community of monthly donors making a real local impact throughout the year.

In honor of our 25th birthday, generous funders will be matching new recurring monthly donations for the first 12 months. Help share this exclusive opportunity today: a commitment to a $25 recurring gift will now go even further and provide six classrooms access to essential supplies a year!