Do you remember the last time you held a pencil in your hand?

For many of us, the rise of electronic communication has humbled this once-mighty tool to the background of our lives. Pens may have taken center stage for quick notes and signatures, but let’s not forget the profound impact of a simple pencil.

Think of your earliest days of learning: those moments of pride as you made your first marks in the world of letters and numbers. Pencils were your trusted companions. They offered more than a means of writing; they provided a safe space for making mistakes and learning from them. The magic of erasing those hesitant strokes on a math problem or letters of a big word filled us with hope and the belief that learning was an adventure waiting to unfold.

Or remember the times when frustration gripped you, and you found subtle pleasure in creating a fury of small pink rubber shavings to brush away as if they hid the answers to your most challenging questions? It was a tactile release, a spark of inspiration that reminded us to persevere and never give up.

Yet, for some children in our community, a pencil is a precious resource not to be taken for granted. These young minds, brimming with potential, often lack access to even the simplest writing tools due to circumstances beyond their control. Without supplies in hand, they may see school as an overwhelming challenge and lose confidence in their ability to learn, their dreams muted before they can even take flight.

This is why PENCILS, even in the digital age, are the most requested items by teachers year after year.

Over the last quarter century, since 1998, A Gift for Teaching has helped place nearly 15 million free pencils into the hands of students who need them most. These pencils have been more than just a writing tool in the classroom; they have been a message of hope, a symbol of empowerment, and a catalyst for learning for generations of future leaders.

You can send a message of hope today so that no child’s potential remains untouched this school year. Be a Classroom Hero and join a passionate community of monthly donors who are committed to empowering educators and inspiring future leaders throughout the year.

The variety of items available at A Gift for Teaching, from hand sanitizer to sanitizing wipes to new Ticonderoga pre-sharpened pencils (the best pencil, in my opinion), helped prepare my classroom for the school year.

– Wyndham Lakes Elementary School teacher

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Together, we can inspire the next generation, one pencil at a time.

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