Launching success from the start! A Gift for Teaching is excited to debut the “New Teacher Launch Box,” a one-year pilot program powered by the Walt Disney World Resort, to help Orange County Public School (OCPS) first-year teachers in underserved areas.
And it’s helping more than just teachers.
In partnership with OCPS, 52 schools have been identified as having the greatest needs, with more than 70% of their student populations enrolled in the Free & Reduced Lunch Program. A representative group of 500 first-year teachers have been automatically enrolled in a free quarterly supply box subscription from A Gift for Teaching. The New Teacher Launch Box will be delivered directly to schools and filled with core essentials as well as seasonal supplies for their students and classroom.
The goal of this pilot program is to help these teachers transform their first classroom from an empty space into an engaging and equitable learning environment. This not only includes teaching supplies and classroom décor throughout the school year, but school supplies for their students who are likely to arrive on the first day of school without the necessary tools to learn and are likely to be unable to replenish these supplies for the second half of the school year.
First-year teachers will also learn about other ways to receive even more free supplies every month through A Gift For Teaching, even after graduating from the program as they confidently continue their teaching career.
To help support all of our impactful programs throughout the school year, consider becoming a member of The Honor Roll. With your commitment to an automatic recurring $25 monthly gift, three classrooms a year can have access to essential supplies that empower teachers and inspire future leaders.