For Giving Tuesday 2022, people all around the world tapped into the power of human connection, strengthened communities, and changed our world on November 29.

A heartfelt thank you to all of our supporters for unleashing generosity on this one day to successfully surpassing the goal of raising $15,000!

Long-time supporter and Orlando’s Trivia Master, Curtis Earth, gave an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at A Gift for Teaching to show how community support helps empower teachers and inspire students throughout the entire school year – not just for back-to-school.

With generous matching funds, nearly $340,000 worth of essential supplies can be provided to local students and teachers to finish the school year with success. And to support all the impactful work of A Gift for Teaching.

Want to create a wave of generosity that lasts well beyond one day? Consider upgrading your special gift to join The Honor Roll with an automatic-recurring monthly gift. $25 a month can equip 3 local classrooms with essential supplies all year!


See your support in action!

Featuring Curtis Earth, Orlando’s Trivia Master

Featuring Parker LeCorgne, Greystar

Featuring Ms Williams, OCPS Hospital Homebound

Featuring Ms Tam, Stonewyck Elementary School Teacher

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