We are all too familiar with the annual back-to-school supply list that parents receive before the start of the school year.

But have you ever seen a teacher’s shopping list?

It’s a glimpse into the heart of a classroom.

Revealing the essential tools educators need to create a vibrant, engaging learning environment.

This year, we asked our teachers to share their back-to-school shopping lists, and the feedback was eye-opening.

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This teacher’s list includes 49 items ranging from basics like pencils and paper to classroom materials like 3M hooks and laminating pouches. When we priced these items together, the total came to nearly $600! And this short list didn’t even cover all the different needs a teacher might have throughout the school year.

Educators are known to spend money out of their own pockets every school year. They purchase school supplies, project materials, motivational prizes, and so much more for their students to have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. This financial weight highlights the immense dedication of our teachers and underscores the critical need for our community’s continued support.

As we reviewed the back-to-school supplies our teachers need, nearly everything listed could be found at A Gift for Teaching for absolutely ZERO cost.

Serving 25 years as Central Florida’s primary provider of free supplies to teachers for their students, our impactful programs provide a one-stop shop solution that have become lifelines for educators to alleviate this annual financial strain. Eligible teachers have the opportunity to shop at a store, online for pick-up, and on a mobile store unit – not only for back-to-school but throughout the entire school year.

By offering access to free supplies, A Gift for Teaching ensures that local classrooms are continuously well-stocked and ready for learning. This incredible support system allows teachers to focus on what they do best: teaching and inspiring our future leaders.

“Students sometimes come to school with nothing. Not even a backpack.

Supplies for student use, and for teacher use, support student learning and attitudes so they can do more with what talents they do bring to school – THEMSELVES!”

– College Park Middle School Teacher

Here’s where you can make a difference today. By supporting Central Florida’s largest school supply drive, you can join A Gift for Teaching in reducing this financial weight off our teachers and ensuring even more students have the supplies to succeed from the first day of school. Whether you choose to make a donation or start a supply drive, your contribution will have a direct impact on creating success in our classrooms.

Together, we can support local teachers and provide their students with the resources they need to feel excited and prepared to learn in the new school year!