The journey of creativity often starts with something as seemingly simple as a box.

Picture the moment you lift the flap of a colorful cardboard container of crayons, releasing the waxy aroma that opens a world of artistic exploration. You take a breath to marvel at the rainbow within, scanning the box boasting with names that spark the imagination: burnt sienna, carnation pink, goldenrod, aquamarine, cerulean, and fuchsia, all created and equally mingling with the primary source of all colors – red, blue, and yellow.

In the hands of both the young and the young-at-heart, a brand-new box of crayons becomes a tightly packed collection of endless possibilities. For many of us, crayons were the vessels for those first attempts at personal expression, a humble stick of wax serving as a catalyst for the discovery of boundless creativity. It may have even extended an invitation to introduce ourselves to the world, a form of communication before we even learned to speak.

Yet, how often do we take this seemingly ordinary tool for granted?

Our class was making cards for veterans on Veteran’s Day. Four of my kids were in a pull out program so they did not get to make a card in class. When they came back they were so upset that the activity was over…they really wanted to make a card.

I told them that they could make one at home and just bring it tomorrow. Two of them started crying. When I got to the bottom of it, they did not have any paper or crayons or markers to make a card at home. I gave them each a box of crayons from A Gift for Teaching, some construction paper, and they put it in their backpacks.

The next day I had 14 cards!! Little brother wanted to use the crayons, so he made a card. Mom and Grandma were so excited for a new box of crayons they each made a card. It was enlightening, I did not know that this was even a need at the time, and it was all due to a missed classroom writing assignment. – OCPS Teacher

For many children in Central Florida, access to crayons and other essential learning materials is not always a guaranteed privilege. Families facing the difficult choice between new school supplies and weekly groceries find it impossible to prioritize the former. However, the absence of supplies for a student to learn can have profound consequences, especially if deprived of these tools at the beginning of their educational journey.

Your support can transform a little crayon into a symbol of empowerment and limitless potential that colors a brighter future for students who need it most. Be a Classroom Hero and join a passionate community of monthly donors who are committed to ensuring free supplies that empower educators and inspire future leaders are available throughout the year.

Your generosity goes far beyond boosting student grades. A simple pack of crayons can be the key that unlocks a child’s voice: offering a new means of expression for those who thought no one was listening or bringing a science experiment to life with detailed charts and diagrams.

Your giving adds up! In honor of A Gift for Teaching’s 25th birthday, generous funders will match new recurring monthly donations, dollar for dollar, for the first year. That means your $25 monthly gift will go further to make a difference in the lives of teachers and students in six classrooms this year.

With A Gift for Teaching, you can unlock the magic within a box of crayons for students and bring learning to life in local classrooms and homes.

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