In the ever-evolving landscape of education, certain tools are becoming more and more essential in the classroom. Among these, dry erase markers have been desperate to stand out as a core school supply.

With chalkboards as a thing of the past, and smartboards far from becoming a standard amenity, the classroom dry erase whiteboard has revolutionized the way teachers engage with students and deliver lessons. But dry erase markers are not confined to just whiteboards; their versatility unleashes creativity and group interactions for teachers to create dynamic learning environments with write-and-wipe lapboards, glass surfaces, laminated materials, and more.

Whether it’s drawing diagrams, solving math equations, or illustrating complex sentence structures, dry erase markers provide an efficient and reusable medium for teachers to engage students in multiple different learning styles. The never-ending versatility and sustainability of a dry erase marker is as unbelievable as Willy Wonka’s everlasting gobstopper, but every teacher is also well aware of its fleeting nature in the hands of learning students.

How beautifully bright and sharp a dry erase marker can make itself known when newly opened, yet how soon will those little tubes of ink be left uncapped to dehydrate and their proud colors slowly fade away?

An entire cabinet of dry erase markers can be completely exhausted long before the first semester comes to an end. But when this happens in any other profession, the cabinet of supplies is magically restocked upon notice. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many educators and they often find themselves pressed to replenish these essentials out of their own pockets, as the simple act of changing today’s date on the whiteboard is just not possible without one – let alone teaching an entire lesson.

Because of this, A Gift for Teaching strives to always keep this precious commodity available on our shelves all school year. Embracing innovative tools like dry erase markers as classroom essentials alongside pencils and papers will help shape the educational landscape of today and tomorrow.

“Dry erase markers are important to both my students and I because we use them to do problems as teams and in tutoring.

My students use whiteboard sheets to help each other and have creative, constructive discussions about difficult math problems. It is so amazing to get dry erase markers for free at A Gift for Teaching because they are saving me money.” – Colonial High School Math Teacher

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