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Receive essential supplies straight to the classroom!

Orange County Public School teachers at schools with monthly shopping eligibility can visit “My AGFT” to place an order for classroom supplies up to 3 times a school year (each order will count as your monthly shop). Pencil Boy Online opens on the 1st day of the month from September through April.

There are a limited number of online orders we are able to fulfill each month, and they fill up fast! When those orders have all been reserved, the option to shop online will no longer be open.

We try our best to have supplies delivered to your school by the end of the month you ordered and appreciate your patience as all orders are specially hand-packed for your classroom by volunteers.

A limited selection of supplies are offered online. Certain supplies may not be available due to shipping restraints or limited quantities. The largest selection of supplies can be found in our Free Teacher Supply Store.

For delivery questions or trouble logging into “My AGFT,” please email us. At this time, Charter schools, Head Start teachers, and shopping representatives are not eligible for Pencil Boy Online.


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