Pencil Boy’s Honor Roll

Pencil Boy’s Honor Roll is a community of recurring monthly donors ensuring students’ success in school and life. For every $1 donated, A Gift For teaching can provide up to $10 worth of school supplies.

A recurring monthly $20 gift provides $200 worth of classroom essentials a month which gives a pencil to 44,400 students a year to write their own future. That’s only 66 cents a day to make a difference!

Pencil Boy’s Honor Roll Monthly Giving Recognition

  • Pencil Boy’s Honor Roll certificate
  • Name on Honor Roll list featured on website and Donor TV
  • Monthly emails showing your impact


All monthly gifts are eligible to join Pencil Boy’s Honor Roll. The minimum monthly gift our system can process is $5, but there’s no maximum!

Not ready to join Pencil Boy’s Honor Roll today?

That’s okay! Help us with a one-time gift instead.

Our Partners

  • OCPS
  • Disney
  • KINF
  • A Gift For Teaching of Osceola County