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by Pencil Boy
January 30, 2017

Caring Crafts: Valentine’s Day crafts for your students!

Valentine’s Day is a feel-good holiday that allows everyone to show appreciation for each other in a fun and creative way. Your students will love making these crafts! You can either hang them up as decoration in your classroom or have your children use them as gifts for anybody they choose!


vday hands


This craft is very simple!

Simply take any color construction paper, fold it in half, have your students place their hand titled on the paper so that their thumb touches the folded edge, trace their hand, and use scissors to cut out the stencil! You can have your students write a heartfelt message or write down somebody who they admire and why.


vday thumb


Everybody needs thumb-body to love! Have your students stamp their thumb print and add arms and legs to make a thumb-body! This craft is adorable, easy and quick!

Tip: These characters can be used on Valentine ’s Day cards or any other holiday you can think of!


vday love bug

This craft is incredibly cute and perfect for our art teachers!  Have your elementary school aged students stamp their footprint onto a piece of construction paper to make a love bug! It’s fun and exciting for the students and will look great as a decoration for a wall in a classroom.


Please feel free to use these ideas or share with us some of the crafts you like to do with your students on Valentine’s Day.


Happy Valentine’s Day from A Gift For Teaching!

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