Ready to Read Book Drive

Help spark imagination and curiosity for learning beyond the classroom!

Reading is the foundation of all learning, but half of Orange County public school students are reading below grade level.

You can help by keeping our Free Teacher Supply Store stocked with books for teachers to shop at no cost.

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Each month, our teachers take an average of 5,000 books back to their students and classroom libraries to ensure each child has access to reading materials they need to be ready to read and learn. We accept new and gently used reading books for K-12 reading levels, including books in Spanish as well as dictionaries.

We do not accept books of religious or explicit nature, encyclopedias, or textbooks.


Fun Book Drive Ideas

Let’s book swap with a twist! Show your clients how much you care about the community and offer a complimentary or discounted service/product in exchange for a handful of children’s books.

Encourage your family and neighbors to pass on a copy of their favorite childhood novel or browse through their home library for gently-used books their family has outgrown.

Part of a large organization? There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition for bragging rights to see which department or floor can collect the most reading books.

Start a book club and set a time for friends to chat about the newest read of the month. When the last page has been turned, donate the copies to give others the opportunity to explore new worlds.

Start a Book Drive!