Teachers Shopping For Teachers

We’re making shopping for supplies even easier!

Teachers Shopping for Teachers (T4T) allows eligible Orange County Public School teachers to designate another OCPS colleague to shop for their classroom needs when they are unable to make their shop for the month at the Free Store or Pencil Boy Express – The Mobile Free Store.

AGFT teacher shopping guidelines apply for all designated T4T shoppers.
Eligible T4T shoppers includes fellow teachers, teacher aides, paraprofessionals or administrators of your school. T4T shoppers may complete a total of two shops per visit: Either two T4T shops OR one T4T shop and their own shop, if eligible.

T4T shoppers are responsible for transferring supplies to their fellow eligible teacher.

Click here for T4T shopping form to be presented upon check-in along with photo ID. Please read carefully for instructions.

For any additional questions, please contact Freestore@agiftforteaching.org.

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